Things to do on Bourbon Street

New Orleans - Things to do

Take a walk down Bourbon Street and enjoy ancient French architecture, rowdy festivities and the raw talent that bustles in the streets.

1. Start with some food
Bourbon Street offers great fine dining options, and some of the most delicious Cajun and Creole cuisines are prepared here. One of the most famous restaurants in the area is Galatoires, which has been offering some of the best Creole delicacies since 1905. This fine-dining spot serves wine flights which offer a taste of its private-label selections.

You can also enjoy barbecue oyster po-boy, a popular meal during the festival circuit, at Red Fish Grill. The restaurant features funky interiors which complement the dynamic scene outside.

2. Enjoy the music
A stroll down Bourbon Street at any time of the day is a live music experience, and you will enjoy the genres of music that fill the area. Jazz and blues are played in most bars every night, but you can also enjoy serene music environments such as the Maison Bourbon or the Preservation Hall. The Preservation Hall is one of the earliest music venues, and started life as a private home in 1750. It has since evolved to become a great music destination with its own house band. Karaoke bars are also aplenty, offering a great experience to those who enjoy singing along to their favorite tracks.

3. Try the drinks
If you're over 21 you can enjoy a few drinks on Bourbon Street. Head out with your friends and try the fruity rum-based Hurricane at Pat O'Brien's or the Mardi Gras. The street has a rich cocktail history, which dates back to the 1800s. Once you're inside a bar, you'll experience how liquor was traditionally served.

Don't forget to take a tour through Bourbon Street and explore its historical sites. Make a stop at the Musical Legends Park and take a few photos, pick up some souvenirs at the shops, and interact with the locals. You're bound to have an incredible time here!