New Orleans - Beignets

The Proper Way to Eat a Beignet

If you're visiting New Orleans for the first time or returning for more fun, you may have heard of a delectable treat found there. Yes, this popular treat in The Big Easy is the beignet. Never heard of them before? Here's a little primer on the tasty pastry.

A beignet is a deep-fried dough pastry topped with powdered sugar, a delicious French version of a doughnut. These scrumptious delights are best eaten when they are served hot and fresh from the fryer. This is the best way for the powdered sugar to adhere to the dough, giving a spectacular texture to eat. The beignet has become popular in New Orleans as a Creole cuisine and can be served as either breakfast or dessert.

Now that you know what a beignet is, what is the best way to eat these tasty pastries? There are several places in New Orleans to chow down on beignets, but there are a few things to know before you order one. As delicious as a beignet is, the powdered sugar on top can be a mess. Unless you're brave, try not to wear dark clothing when eating a beignet, or at least spread a few napkins out to catch any sugar that may fall. In fact, make sure to have napkins handy regardless to keep hands clean after licking the sugar off your fingers. Yum!

Be careful to avoid the "sugar cough" as well. Powdered sugar is a loose confection, and breathing in at the wrong time as you're about to eat a beignet can lead to an unpleasant time. Make sure to inhale before bringing your beignet to your mouth and exhale as you bite and lower the treat.

However, if you think that a beignet may be too sweet for you, try ordering a hot drink to go along with it. Drinks such as tea, café-au-lait, coffee with chicory, which adds bitterness and a unique New Orleans authenticity, are great to help cut through the sweetness of the treat and add another layer to the experience. Try out this special New Orleans treat today!