The Most Common Time of Year for Weddings

New Orleans is an incredibly unique and vibrant city which makes it a popular destination for weddings and many other events. Between Mardi Gras, football games, festivals, and conferences and conventions, it can seem close to impossible to find an open weekend for venues, hotels, and vendors during the Spring and Summer.

In our humble opinion, October is the most perfect time of year to schedule a wedding in New Orleans. The weather is fantastic, the crowds have thinned out a bit, and hotel blocks and event center reservations are easier to come by. Now, not everyone agrees with our opinion, as many would say that Summer is the most common time of the year to host a New Orleans wedding.

In recent years, the Big Easy has become a popular site for destination weddings with the allure of the French Quarter drawing them to our fair city. One of the best features of this part of town is its walkability. From hotels, churches, and event spaces, getting around on foot is easy to do! Summertime can be hot and humid, but with a Hurricane cocktail in your hand, you will soon feel cool and collected.

Whatever time of year you choose for your New Orleans wedding, you can't go wrong! This vibrant city is filled with all of the necessary elements for an unforgettable event: interesting architecture, fabulous music and song, delectable food, and some of the world's best libations!

If you are considering a New Orleans wedding, we recommend Bourbon Vieux for your event location. This space is filled with all of the charms that one associates with New Orleans, and its French Quarter location puts you right in the heart of the Big Easy! We can accommodate between 50 and 500 guests in style and comfort, and provide a truly memorable experience.